Become convinced of the need for early detection of corrosion, just like the people who've already endorsed us.

Ludo Van Mechelen - Technical Advisor - Schools for Tomorrow

"To avoid these discussions related to warranty of heating system manufacturers, heat exchangers, and so on, Resus sensors seem like a very good solution to me."


Bart Beerten - Installer - Company Willems Diels

"To be able to prove that my system is better than the others out there, we have to be able to make it measurable. Through Risycor, Karl brought this philosophy to the market."


Patrick O - General Manager - Viessmann Belgium

"It will let our system work well, and protect it for the future to come."


Yves Arys - Managing Director - Resus Industries

"We noticed that we were able to complement each other.... Corrosion is a problem of which the customer or owner is not always aware of. The monitor is able to shed light on the developing problem in a véry short time span."


University of Antwerp Field tests

In March 2011 the University of Antwerp's "Energy and Sustainable Development" research group was commissioned to study the behaviour of the Risycor sensor in a controlled environment. The corrosion speed measured by the sensor was compared to the measurements of high-tech reference sensors from leading manufacturers. The constant corrosion measurements of these reference sensors serve as a benchmark for the Risycor tests.

The final report was written in February 2013, drawing on 25 measurements taken over almost two years in very diverse circumstances. They clearly showed that the Risycor measures the corrosion speed much more accurately than the reference sensors.

In early 2012, an independent external corrosion analysis specialist commissioned by Resus started intensive field tests (200). The study had two goals. The first was to collect as much data as possible on healthy and sick central heating systems. The second was to put the theory into practice and test the sensor in actual operating conditions.

The Resus technology has now been patented and recognised by various official bodies.