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The intelligent sensor technology that tells you of developing corrosion in your heating system.

Discover why

Corrosion monitors for heating and cooling systems.

Invisible problems in your heating system are causing a lot of irritation and unnecessary costs.
Stuck radiator valves? Clogged boiler? Blocked pump?

Frustrating, and you had no choice but to pay the bill. Until now.

Install Risycor. Be warned in time and avoid the harmful effects of internal corrosion. Prevention is better than the cure.

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Read out a Risycor?

Here you can download the Resus PC Dashboard software to read and analyse the collected data.

Resus PC Dashboard Software

Who wins?

The Risycor is the smallest component in the system with the biggest savings potential.
Manufacturers, specifiers, installers, the end users... everyone wins when using corrosion monitoring.
Only continuous monitoring protects systems against the harmful and costly consequences of corrosion.


The end user

  • Saves energy
  • More sustainable energy consumption
  • Higher thermal comfort

The installer

  • Less time-consuming corrective work
  • Strengthens his image
  • According the latest guidelines

The heating system manufacturer

  • Better warranty management
  • No unnecessary damage