Risycor CX2-fix set

Risycor CX2 corrosion monitor with alarm function for heating and cooling systems.

Mounted perpendicular to the pipe with the threaded connector X-fix, which places the metal coupon at the tip of the probe in the water flow. The oxidation of this coupon is representative of the uniform corrosion within the system. The logger records the corrosion rate against time and warns of inadmissible values or a defect. The memory can be read out with a computer.

Product features

  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Replaceable probe by means of a specially designed service tool (Retractor)
  • Visual alarm on Risycor and via volt-free contact
  • Adjustable corrosion alarm level
  • Logged data download via USB and Resus PC Dashboard software
  • Graphic representation of corrosion rate and temperature with the Resus PC Dashboard